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Published on July 29, 2009 By mitchellpash In Humor

Ok... So.. Um... Yea.......

Welcome... Um no..... Uh..... Yea!

Ok welcome to The Simulated Files!

If your reading this then your are in the right place, the simulated files. Once you read this blog your sences will explode; full of information and wisdom. Even so, right now, your being sucked into the super nova of infinate knowledge. So welcome and enjoy....


on Jul 29, 2009

Is this A Beginning?

on Jul 29, 2009



"you're" is the contraction of "you are", whereas "your" is something you possess.


In general I'm not one to pick at someone's spelling, however when one speaks of information and wisdom and infinite knowledge then it might behoove you to invest in a spellchecker. Or you could just use Firefox as "your" browser and get one for free.

on Jul 29, 2009

As to reply. I do love my technology, just not my spelling. I have other things i can invest my time into such as learning c++ not learn how to spell correctly as to be politically correct. Just as a refresher this topic was ment to introduce you to my new blog and hope you understand that my opinions are as they are, not to be corrected by spelling errors.

on Jul 29, 2009

....Deep......... I can agree with everything you are and are not saying....

You are....or better yet, from your pro spec tive "I am"............exist in your own

"right".....which when mirrored holds the same point as anothers left...

....for if one is not seeking perfection......then why correct that whice is understood?......Is communication not perfection?

"Ok... So.. Um... Yea.......

Welcome... Um no..... Uh..... Yea!"

SimSorrow,  as an author has taken "us" as readers into the mind or the writer during his opening sentenses.... Is that not a honor?

Who would not desire a table scrap from the blue print of a life?

.....We from THe Beginning welcome all....   

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